Care Management Consultant  

Bridging… Connecting… Transitioning




Caring for our aging parents and relatives is stressful and time consuming. When you are living many miles away in a different city or state, the task can become overwhelming. Frequent long trips and telephone visits are not as effective or meaningful as having a caregiver that is full time and on location.

As a Private Care Management Consultant, my first goal is to accurately assess the needs of older and dependent adults. I then create and implement a plan of care to foster the most productive quality of life for your loved ones. My services are closely matched to the needs of the family and are complementary and supportive of other professionals involved in the care giving process.

Families like yours are finding it both cost effective and a time saving benefit to use a Private Care Management Consultant to help with this sensitive and important life phase. Please call me at 949-307-0637. I would like to start helping you and your family today.






Managing The Plan of Care